What Is the Most Common Shared Custody Arrangement?

Fathers Rights in Florida

Whether you and your spouse have chosen uncontested divorce or will decide on custody issues in court, Pinellas Family Lawyer can help. When it comes to child custody, there are various types of arrangements a couple can make. You may have heard the terms, but you may not fully understand the differences until you’re in … Read more

Best Interest of the Child – Part 2

Mother and daughter child custody

Even after divorce, parents need to have an open line of communication about matters concerning the child. You don’t have to be best friends or even like each other, but you do still have to talk in some way to your ex about your child. For better or worse, you share a child, and it is important for your child to be able to live his or her life without . . .

Best Interest of the Child – Part 1

best interest of the child Florida

Family law is a very different area of the law compared to civil or criminal. It is much more fluid and open to interpretation than other fields of law. Of the different laws and rules that are involved in practicing family law, the “best interest of the child” is one that can be especially contentious.