Divorce in Florida

Should you get divorced? Have you made the decision to get divorced, but don’t know how? Making the decision to get a Florida divorce is life changing and should not be taken lightly. Many people choose to seek counseling before deciding to finally call it quits.  However, if you have already made the decision to get a divorce in Florida, there are several things that must happen before your divorce can be finalized.

You or your divorce attorney will need to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with your local clerk’s office.  You will also need to file several other family law forms along with your divorce petition.  When filing for a Florida divorce, figuring out which forms to complete and how to fill them out properly can be challenging.  Even if the correct divorce forms are used, you may be giving up valuable rights if your divorce papers are not filled out correctly.  A Clearwater, Florida divorce lawyer can assist you in reviewing your individual case to make sure all necessary divorce paperwork is filled out and filed correctly.

Often times couples have differing views on how marital assets and liabilities should be divided during the divorce. Divorce with children can complicate the matter even further.  While some spouses may be able to end a marriage amicably, disagreements often arise regarding child custody and time-sharing arrangements, alimony, child support, or which spouse gets to keep the marital home.  An experienced Florida divorce lawyer can guide you through your divorce and help you come to an agreement with your ex regarding how much alimony should be awarded after your divorce is finalized; whether the family home should be sold; what happens to pensions or retirement accounts; how much child support will be paid to your current husband or wife after divorce; and what child custody arrangement you will follow post-divorce.

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, Pinellas Family Lawyer can represent you in your contested divorce both at mediation and throughout litigation.  A Pinellas Family Lawyer divorce attorney can explain the divorce process in Florida and advocate for you both in and out of court to help you achieve the results you seek during your divorce.

The Florida divorce process can be stressful and may last for months or in some cases even years. Speak to Pinellas Family Lawyer today about hiring a divorce attorney to assist you throughout your divorce. Even if you feel you cannot afford a divorce attorney, there are some situations where the other party may be required to pay some or all of your attorney's fees incurred during the divorce. You don’t have to face the complicated legal aspects of a Florida divorce alone.

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