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Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Dunedin, FL or a child custody attorney in Clearwater, FL, you don't have to handle your divorce, paternity, or child custody case alone.  Pinellas Family Lawyer helps mothers, fathers, husbands and wives resolve disputes and navigate the court system throughout the divorce or paternity process.  A family law attorney can help you resolve your divorce or paternity case so you can move on to the next chapter in your life. Make an appointment for a confidential consultation today to see how Pinellas Family Lawyer can help you. Call us at 727-538-7741 or click the "Schedule a Consultation" button to schedule your confidential phone consultation today.

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"Divorce is an unfortunate part of life. It can be an emotionally and financially taxing life event, even more so when children and/or large estates are involved. I counsel and advocate for my clients throughout the decoupling process in order to help make their lives less stressful and achieve the results they seek."

-Attorney Roland D. Boyd III



A divorce attorney will prepare you for the road ahead after being served with a petition for dissolution of marriage.  A divorce lawyer will work towards getting you a fair result, whether the focus of the dispute is on the parenting plan, alimony, dividing assets, child support, holidays, or any other issue that may come up during a divorce.

A divorce lawyer will work to ensure you have the divorce information and family law resources needed to understand the divorce process.  Your divorce lawyer will help you know what to expect before making the decision to file for divorce. A divorce can be a long process, and preparation is key in minimizing the length of your case and keeping costs down. Discuss your case with a Florida divorce attorney to help determine the best course of action in your dissolution of marriage case.

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Paternity and Visitation Rights

A paternity lawyer can assist you if your ex will not allow you to have visitation or time-sharing with your son or daughter.  Many people today choose not to get married, but still have minor children together.  A paternity lawyer will help you understand father's rights in Florida and ensure you are allowed the appropriate visitation with your child. Alternatively, a paternity lawyer can help defend mother's rights in situations where a father is attempting to re-enter a child's life.

If a father is unsure if the child is his biological son/daughter, a paternity lawyer can assist in getting a court ordered paternity test.  Once paternity is established, a paternity lawyer will help establish a custody arrangement that works for you and your ex as well as calculating child-support obligations and determining if retroactive child-support should be awarded.

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Alimony and Child Support

A divorce lawyer will help with disputes regarding alimony or child support.  Many spouses are self-employed and may attempt to hide assets or show less income than they really earn.  A child support lawyer will help ensure that income and assets are properly calculated and only the proper deductions are taken when calculating alimony or child support.

If you are owed unpaid spousal support or back child support, a divorce lawyer will help you understand your rights and assist with child support enforcement to help you get the support you need.  This may mean attaching a judgment to existing assets or garnishing the wages of your ex-husband/wife until arrearages have been paid in full.

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Probate Administration and Litigation

Pinellas Family Lawyer helps families with the probate process in Florida after the death of a loved one.  A probate lawyer will assist you with probate litigation, contested wills, estate administration, notifying beneficiaries, distributing estate assets, and coordinating estate taxes or debtor payments.  A probate attorney can also help when one party contests or challenges the decedent's will.

The probate process in Florida can be complicated, but a licensed Florida attorney can assist you with the probate process during an already difficult time.

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Child Custody Disputes

A family law attorney will help resolve time-sharing, schooling, and other disputes regarding children of divorced or unmarried parents.

If parents are unmarried, a paternity action may be necessary to establish the father's legal rights.  Other times issues arise that may not have been contemplated at the time the initial divorce was filed.  Sometimes couples that have been divorced for years disagree when one parent unilaterally withholds time-sharing, decides to relocate, or changes schools.  When disputes arise between unmarried parents or after a divorce is final, a family law attorney will assist with creating, modifying, or enforcing parenting plans as well representing their client in other family law issues.

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Additional Practice Areas

In addition to divorce and paternity, Pinellas Family Lawyer, PLLC also handles personal injury, invasion of privacy, consumer protection, and general civil litigation on behalf of you or your business.

Contact an attorney whether you are a business owner or customer for assistance with wage garnishment actions, FDUTPA claims, contract disputes, or other claims. An attorney can assist you whether defending a claim brought by a customer against your company or bringing a claim against a company you feel has violated the law.  Pinellas Family Lawyer provides representation for small local businesses or individuals as well as larger corporations or partnerships. Call Pinellas Family Lawyer if you have been sued and need a lawyer near you to defend your local business against small claims or other lawsuits.

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