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Name Change Lawyers

You can start the process of legally changing your name today by choosing Pinellas Family Lawyer to represent you. After you sign up with Pinellas Family Lawyer, you will be directed to our encrypted online form to submit the personal information we need to prepare your Petition for Change of Name.

Once your personal information has been submitted, you can select a time to speak with one of our experienced Name Change attorneys. During your appointment with your Name Change attorney, your attorney will review the information provided and answer any questions you have about your legal documents and the name change process. At the end of your appointment with the attorney, you will be able to sign your Petition for a Change of Name electronically.

After signing, your Petition for Change of Name will be filed and assigned a case number. Once a case number is assigned, it will be time for you to get your background check, and the process will almost be complete! (Don’t worry; our office will be there to assist you with finding a location to make sure your fingerprinting is accepted.)

Once the Court receives your background check (usually within one week), your case will be reviewed by a judge. Depending on the judge, there may or may not be a brief hearing (usually fewer than 15 minutes). If a hearing is required, Pinellas Family Lawyer will represent you at the hearing. 

What information will you need to get your name change started? 

Florida Statute 68.07 requires the following information to complete your Petition for Change of Name:

  • Your present name
  • Your address
  • Your date of birth and place of birth
  • Your parents’ names
  • A list of all places you have lived since birth
  • Your spouse’s name, if you are married
  • Your children’s names, if you have children, and their ages and addresses
  • Any former names
  • Your occupation/profession
  • Your employer’s information, if employed
  • A list of your former employers for the past 5 years
  • A list of the schools you were you have attended, the date of graduation, and the degree you received
  • Your criminal history, if any
  • Your civil legal history, if any

What Would Prevent You From Having Your Name Changed?

A Florida judge may deny a request for the name change for the following reasons:

  • If you are changing your name for a fraudulent, wrongful, or illegal purpose
  • If you are a prisoner
  • If you have a criminal history
  • If you have unpaid creditor’s judgments

What Happens After the Court Grants Your Name Change?

After your name is legally changed, you will need to update your birth certificate, your Social Security card, your driver’s license or other identification, your passport, and all other accounts associated with your old name. We provide you the forms needed to update some of these important documents with your new legal name. There are several services such as NewlyNamed.com that can assist you in changing your name with these various institutions as well as your banks, utilities, etc.