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Pasco County Divorce and Family Law Attorneys


Pasco County is just one of the many counties in Florida where Pinellas Family Lawyer has represented clients. Despite the fact that our firm is named Pinellas Family Lawyer our law firm serves the entire state of Florida. We have represented clients in Collier County, Walton County, Orange County, Escambia County, and more.

Our main office is located in Dunedin, Florida; however, no matter what part of Florida you live in, many if not all stages of the divorce process can be handled completely by phone, email, and Zoom. Our firm has focused on utilizing the most up-to-date technology to make the divorce process go as smoothly as possible with as little cost as possible to the client. This has allowed our Pasco County divorce lawyers to help clients in Pasco County and throughout the State of Florida with their divorce and family law cases.

The majority of our cases tend to be in Pinellas and Pasco Counties because those are the closest counties by proximity and occasionally folks do want to drop by in person. Both Pinellas County and Pasco County are part of the 6th Judicial Circuit of Florida, which means many of the forms and procedures for both counties are the same. Pasco County divorce lawyers follow the same rules in court as a Pinellas County divorce lawyer. Additionally, many of the judges and attorneys from Pinellas and Pasco Counties attend the same events and inns of courts, which allows our attorneys to attend judicial roundtables and other educational opportunities by our local judges to discuss the finer points of law and better understand how each judge thinks.

Practicing in front of the same family law judges repeatedly helps our divorce attorneys to have a better idea of what the judge is looking for when it comes to certain aspects of procedure and law. It also allows us to be more comfortable when/if it comes time to have a formal hearing or trial in front of that judge.

Many spouses are able to resolve their differences through mediation and never need to have a divorce trial in front of a judge. Others may qualify for an uncontested divorce where they don’t need to attend a formal mediation or have a full trial. In cases like these, the location of your attorney doesn’t matter as much because the procedure is almost identical in every county in Florida. Uncontested divorce cases are not accepted by all family law attorneys. Some lawyers only want larger, more complex divorce cases where they can rack up tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. Our firm, Pinellas Family Lawyer, is happy to help husbands and wives with their uncontested divorce in any county in Florida. Our ability to utilize technology has helped us simplify the process to make it more affordable for our clients and allow us to still have time to focus on our clients that may have more involved cases and may result in a trial.

So, while we are a full-service family law litigation firm, we are happy to help with simple matters like uncontested divorce and simple probate cases. If you would like to discuss your Pasco County divorce or family law case, call us today for a free phone consultation with one of our Pasco County divorce attorneys. Our Pasco County service area includes New Port Richey, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, Hudson, Land O Lakes, Trinity, Zephyrhills, and Dade City.


Call us today if you are contemplating divorce, have already been served with dissolution paperwork, or need help settling paternity or child custody disputes.