Is it Time to Modify Your Alimony Payment?

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Some Alimony Payments Can’t be Changed Under Florida law, certain alimony payments are considered non-modifiable. Non-modifiable alimony refers to a type of spousal support that cannot be changed or altered by either party. Usually, non-modifiable alimony arises from a marital settlement agreement where one party negotiated for the alimony provision to be non-modifiable. Additionally, ongoing … Read more

Reasons You Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Custody Case

Uncontested Divorce Attorney Florida

There are still many laws that apply to uncontested custody cases. Professional legal knowledge is necessary to address many issues that can arise when entering a parenting plan agreement. If you and your ex can agree on matters regarding custody, you will significantly reduce your emotional strain and financial costs. In addition, your case will … Read more

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Going Through a Divorce

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Here are some of the most common divorce mistakes people make and tips on avoiding them. Going through a divorce is an emotionally and mentally draining process. Stress and anxiety can cause some to take actions that prolong and complicate their divorce proceedings. This can make their situation even more challenging. At Pinellas Family Lawyer, … Read more

Financial Disclosures in Florida Family Law Cases

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What Family Law Cases Require Disclosure of Financial Information? Certain Family law cases in Florida require that both parties exchange their financial information with each other in the interest of fairness and transparency. Matters involving divorce, paternity, child support, parenting plans, and child custody agreements all require each party to make certain financial disclosures to … Read more