What Disqualifies You from Alimony in Florida?

Alimony Lawyer in Florida

For personalized assistance and more information on alimony and other family law matters, contact a Pinellas Family Lawyer today. Alimony, also known as spousal support, can be a critical component in divorce proceedings, ensuring that the lower-earning spouse can maintain a similar standard of living post-divorce. However, not everyone is eligible for alimony. Understanding the … Read more

Is it Time to Modify Your Alimony Payment?

adjust alimony payment

Did you know that, under Florida law, it may be possible to modify or even terminate your alimony payments under certain conditions? For many Floridians who have experienced divorce, alimony payments are a routine part of life. The court-ordered provision, aimed at providing financial support to the lesser-earning spouse after the dissolution of marriage, can … Read more

Financial Disclosures in Florida Family Law Cases

alimony and child support

What Family Law Cases Require Disclosure of Financial Information? Certain Family law cases in Florida require that both parties exchange their financial information with each other in the interest of fairness and transparency. Matters involving divorce, paternity, child support, parenting plans, and child custody agreements all require each party to make certain financial disclosures to … Read more