Top Reasons People Legally Change Their Name in Florida

Our firm has handled various types of name change situations, from helping spouses change their name after divorce to first name changes for transgender or non-binary individuals.

Individuals want or need to change their names for many reasons. Some people want to change their first name for personal reasons; others need to change their last name for legal reasons.

If you live in Florida and want or need to change your name legally, Pinellas Family Lawyer can help. We are experienced name change lawyers.

Reasons People Choose to Change Their Name

Some of the most common reasons people in Florida decide to change their name include the following:

  • Marriage – This is the most common reason someone changes their last name. They get married and want to take their husband’s surname. In some cases, a man chooses to take his wife’s surname.
  • No longer like their birth name – Many people request a name change simply because they don’t like the name they were given at birth. Depending on the circumstances, they may prefer something more unique or less unique.
  • Changing a child’s last name – A mother may wish to change her child’s last name if the father is no longer in the picture. On the flip side, if a formerly absent father comes back into the picture, they may want to modify their child’s last name to match their own.
  • Divorce – If a person took their spouse’s last name at marriage, they might return to their maiden name after the divorce.
  • Transgender or non-binary – Non-gender conforming individuals, such as transgender or non-binary, sometimes find that they wish to find a name that better fits their identity.
  • Adoption – When a child is adopted by their step-father, for example, they may want to change their child’s surname. Or if a couple adopts a child and wants to change their first or last names.
  • Religious reasons – Some people choose to change their name because of a recent religious conversion or to honor a person’s religious deity.

Benefits of Hiring a Name Change Lawyer

The name change process is a little complicated if you change your name for reasons unrelated to marriage or divorce. There is an extensive legal process you are required to go through. A name change lawyer can help you with the entire process, from drafting the petition to reviewing and filing it. They will also appear in court at the hearing, where the court permits an attorney to help with handling specific duties.

Changing your name is a multi-step process involving paperwork and court procedures. However, you do not have to go through the process alone, nor figure out all of the legal technicalities without help. Our Florida attorneys have experience representing clients in name change cases throughout the state. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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