From Fortnite Lawyer to Pinellas Family Lawyer

Fortnite Lawyer Victory Royale

To jump start a year full of productivity, I decided to give up all television in 2019. To put into context just how drastic of a change this was, last year I spent almost 100 days’ worth of hours playing the popular game Fortnite. (When I say that out loud, it’s a little embarrassing.)  It was basically my sole hobby in 2018. It is no wonder why so many people are getting divorced over fortnite addictions.

After just one week of giving up TV, I am more focused, have more energy and have accomplished more than I thought possible. The biggest of these accomplishments is opening my own family law practice. I will be posting a weekly blog about my journey towards growing a successful family law practice (and maybe some updates on how no TV in 2019 is going). I hope that my successes and failures will benefit other entrepreneurs who may be starting their own business as well.

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